Band biography (short)


Hailing from Lecco, a city in northern Italy known for being the homeland of "Biglietto Per L’inferno", a 70’s italian progressive cult band, the band raised in the NWOBHM stream and after forming in 1985, in 1987 debuted with a very successful demo-tape titled "Time To Kill" (800 copies sold), under the musical influence of bands such as Iron Maiden, Accept, Saxon, etc. After a sound development more in the "classy" direction, and some line-up changes, in 1990 they released their debut album "Bad Desire", issued under Minotauro label (the same of Elektradrive, first Death SS releases, Hocculta, and other italic "pioneers" in metal). The sound is still double-guitar oriented, but although still powerful it combines more melody and big choruses, in the vein of bands like Dokken, Bonfire, Fifth Angel.

The LP was well received in the hard/metal community in Italy, and also in some cases outside the nation, being massively covered in mags, ‘zines, independent radios.

Unfortunately, the band was involved -as well as many other much more successful acts- in the early/mid-90’s demise of the hard rock/heavy metal scene, and the band lost the train to fame (?!) and concentrated playing on the circuit of clubs, returning to day jobs.

In 1995 they released the cd "Like A Thunder", issued under their personal label, with more variated sound, but yet still focused on a guitar driven melodic hard rock. The album, except for some good reviews, passed almost under silence (aside from some good appearances like the support gig to premier Italian metal band Vanadium), and the group disbanded the late 1996.

In their 20th anniversary, the band sees a reunion, with one or few dates to follow. They are now rehearsing for this new project.....


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